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What Is Point Spread In Sports Betting

This is the type of decision sports bettors have to make all the time. In order for you to better understand moneyline sports betting, another example is needed. In this hypothetical example, let’s say that the San Diego Chargers are travelling to Chicago to take on the Bears. When you view this moneyline, you may see something like, San Diego +200 v. Chicago -150. Just like it is with spread betting, the team with a (-) next to their name is the favorite while the team with a (+) next to their name is the underdog. On some occasions, both teams will be technically considered underdogs or favorites.

Your bet has yielded $190 in total, including your original bet of $100, giving you a profit of $90. Much of the magic with spread betting comes down to managing leverage, researching markets and positions, and trading with a sensible, level head. Spread betting companies take ‘bets’, or more appropriately ‘positions’ in markets with dynamic pricing that responds as the market moves. The following illustration of spread betting pricing explains the basics of how spread betting transactions work. Markets are the engine of spread bets and all financial trading, and provide the basis for placing trades. In spread betting, unlike other forms of trading, leverage is inevitable and unavoidable.

Point Spread Betting Odds

If the spread is 0.5, for example, then the favorite needs to win the game in order for bettors to cash in while the underdog’s backers would cash in on a win or a draw. It is quite common for the point spread to be listed at zero, or a push. In cases like that the money bet on both sides is simply refunded if the game ends in a draw.

Betting the under means that the two teams cannot score more than 56 points combined, or else you lose your bet. Most commonly used in basketball and football betting, it can help to think of the point spread as the estimated margin of victory. For bettors who place a wager on the spread, this number needs to be factored into their handicapping.

Can Point Spread Lines Move?

Keep doing this throughout the entire game, and at the end, you’ll have a storyline of exactly how you think the game is going to go and how many points you think each team is going to score. Take this information and compare it against the lines being offered. If you see a difference from what you came up betting the spread with, you’ve found a spread bet that you’ll want to make. This should be understood by now, but we wanted to point it out because some people can get a little confused when it comes to fixed spread bets. For example, a baseball team winning the game by 3 runs instead of 2 would be a massive difference.

The same principle applies to wagers on the point total (Over/Under) of the game. If the game total is O41 (-120), U41 (-100) then a $120 wager on the over will win $100 while $100 on the Under will win $100. If the line simply states 41, then you are risking 1.10 to win 1.0 whether your betting the spread bet is on the over or the under. Again, you can minimize the difference between the over and under and favorites and underdogs by using our odds comparison tools to shop lines. But what if the final score of the game was Lions 14 – 21 Bears and you had the Bears to cover the -7 spread?

Financial Spread Betting And How Spread Betting Works

You can use this basic information to form a rudimentary betting strategy. Here is a table showing the break even threshold for various point spread odds. If the odds you accept are less favorable then betting the spread you’re win rate needs to be higher. As a point spread hovers around those significant numbers any small movement in the line can spark big changes in the direction the wagered money is flowing.

betting the spread

At the most common point spread odds of -110 you need to win 52.38% of the time to break even. Now 52.38% is higher than 1 in every 2 bets and the point spread is a 50/50 or coin flip market. Like all markets the flow of money over time can change the odds.

What Is A Point Spread?

Oddsmakers have assigned a “point spread” to the matchup, which basically gives the underdog team an artificial “head start”. In general most bookmakers apply the principle that the difference between betting on the favorite and the underdo is 20 cents. You don’t need to be Einstein to work out that being profitable means you have to be better than the laws of probability will grant you. Therefore skill is part of the game for any profitable handicap bettor. Of course finding odds slightly better than -110 means the bettor could conceivably increase that profit by a few percent. Often, alongside a team’s win loss record, many statistical analysts will also give an ATS record.

betting the spread

Add in a points handicap and the job gets a whole lot harder. Over – A sports bet in which the player wagers that the combined point total of two teams will be more than a specified total. Cash Out – A player can take their open straight bet or parlay bet and cash it out before the event has ended; currently only available in NJ, WV, and CO. For those bettors the difference between the two major ways to bet on soccer can be somewhat confusing, and they may be making sub-optimal betting decisions as a result.

Top Betting Sites

Let’s assume that the price of ABC stock is $201.50 and a spread-betting company, with a fixed spread, is quoting the bid/ask at $200 / $203 for investors to transact on it. The investor is bearish and believes that ABC is going to fall below $200 so they hit the bid to sell at $200. They decide to bet $20 for every point the stock falls below their transacted price of $200. If ABC falls to where the bid/ask is $185/$188, the investor can close their trade with a profit of .

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